• 179A0188 Kopie

    TWT 23 / Prizing Ceremony

    Award ceremony in the large party tent at Piazzo Unitá Tarvisio Photos by © Giacomo Meneghello and Paolo Novaretti

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  • 179A8834 Kopie

    TWT 23 / Reaching the finish line

    Even the most beautiful race has a finish line! Photos by © Paolo Novaretti

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  • Tarvisio Winter Trail 2022

    Tarvisio Winter Trail 2022

    Click here to get the complete gallery, all pics and videos.  

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  • Tarvisio Summer Trail 2021

    Tarvisio Summer Trail 2021

    The first edition of the Tarvisio Summer Trail "à Malfi" was a beautiful day of sport dedicated to the memory…

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